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Eyebrow Threading at iBAR

Eyebrow threading originated in Egypt and the Middle East. People in the Middle East tend to have more thicker facial hair to protect then from the sun and sand, their hair tends to be darker which also makes it more visible.
Women were looking for a beauty regime that was natural -here threading was born.
The results are wonderfully neat and perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that frame the face, taking years of your face.What happens
you will have an Initial consultation with your therapist to assess your brows and discuss the outcome you are looking for along side any other treatments you may want added such as a brow tint.
you will be  seated in a comfy chair with your head tilted back very slightly.
your therapist will get a long piece of cotton thread and begin
threading involves the use of a twisted loop of thread which is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair and lift it out from the follicle.
that’s it your done unless you opt for further treatments