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Spray tan

Weather your jetting off on holiday or just returning and want to extend that tan, weather its to show off those fabulous legs in that little party dress. Stepping inside our spray tan booth can give you that gorgeous sun kissed glow within 10 minutes. At iBAR we use sienna tanning products ranging from 8% to 16% solution enabling us to always create the right shade for you.


Sunbed      tanning sunbed


At iBAR we firmly believe safe natural beauty is the way forward, this is why with our new vertical sunbed we create a program specificity designed for you and your skin type whether you are new to sunbeds or regularly use them, with tanning plans ranging from 3 to 9 minute sessions you can rest assure here at iBAR we will do our best to insure safe tanning is the way forward for you.

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Full Body spray tan


Sunbed 60 minute package


Sunbed 3 minutes